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A mysterious Georgia rarity

Rare map of eastern Georgia, likely promoting a French settlement or investment scheme in Bullock County and environs, where three tracts of land are highlighted in pink, with manuscript annotations possibly indicating acreage. We date the map to the 1830s based on the depiction of the Savannah, Ogeechee and Altamaha Canal. The initial 16-mile Savannah-Ogeechee stretch […]

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Chart of South Carolina-Georgia coast, rushed into print for the Civil War?

A trove of information, this chart includes immensely detailed soundings; navigational hazards; navigational aids such as lighthouses and light ships; and sailing directions. Also provided is detailed topographical and cartographical information on the adjacent coastal regions, at times extending well inland. An earlier version of this chart printed on thin paper were bound in the Report […]

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A rare and impressive map of Chatham County, Georgia

A rare and impressive map, and the only one for Chatham County, Georgia published in the 19th century. It provides a remarkable record of the environs of Savannah from the Reconstruction period, and its vivid coloring and wildly varied typography give it tremendous decorative appeal. Designed to promote agricultural development in the county, the map […]

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