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Jean-Claude Dezauche, MORBIHAN. [No place of publication, bearing the date 1800 in manuscript, but likely later.]

Unique paste-up map of the French Department of Morbihan

A unique composition, being a pasted-up composite map of the département of Morbihan, France. The body of the map has been cut from Dezauche’s 1800 Carte itinéraire de la Bretagne, then squared off with a mix of printed and manuscript borders, with the map area outside the department infilled in manuscript. The map, the key […]

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Camille Deynoodt, HISTOIRE de BELGIQUE [:] Chronologie Des Rois de FRANCE [:] Chronologie des rois D’ANGLETERRE. [France? Belgium?

Manuscript historical atlas of Europe… a striking visualization of chronological data

A unique mid-19th-century French manuscript historical atlas of Europe with large, folding, ornamented chronological charts of European rulers rendered on a most attractive circular design. The manuscript begins with three sections addressing respectively the rulers and nobility of Belgium (independent only since 1830), France and England. Each section is composed of numerous simple, single-page charts […]

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Fred[eric] Christol / Chromotypographie Berger-Levrault & Cie, Nancy, L’ALCOOL VOILA L’ENNEMI [“Alcohol is the enemy”]. [Paris: Union française anti-alcoolique, 1900?]

French Temperance poster, rendered in vivid chromolithography

A large and striking French temperance poster attacking alcohol as “the enemy”. The Temperance movement in France is way, way outside my usual ambit, but I couldn’t resist this poster when I stumbled on it while wandering Paris during the 2021 Paris Map Fair. To humanize the message, artist Frederic Christol employed an interesting “poster-within-a-poster” […]

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Rare illustrated brochure for a French fireworks manufacturer

A most attractive illustrated price list for Monteux, France fireworks manufacturer Aulagne & Cie. One side of the brochure lists a great range of individual pyrotechnics, including rockets, a striking variety of ground-mounted pinwheels, and ground-based illuminations. Not surprisingly there is much patriotic content, such as a 4-meter-high “statue république” (30 francs) and an even […]

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Bruno / Imp. Paul Dupont, LIRE LA BASTILLE Journal Hebdomadaire Illustré ANTIMAÇONNIQUE [“Read La Bastille, the Illustrated Weekly Anti-Masonic Newspaper”]. Paris: [Paul] Copin-Albancelli, ND [but ca. 1906].

Octopus map reflecting French anti-Semitism at the turn of the 20th century

A spectacular albeit noxious French persuasive map using the octopus motif to promote anti-Semitism and anti-Freemasonry. As in other European nations, French anti-Semitism has a long history, most famously manifesting itself in the Dreyfus Affair of the 1890s and collaboration with Nazi deportation of Jews during the Second World War. In the public mind, Jews were […]

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