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Thomas Pelham-Holles (Duke of Newcastle), James Oglethorpe, Francisco del Moral y Sánchez, et al., From the Duke of Newcastle. July 1736. Enclosing Papers on Georgia [Official copies of letters and other documents relating to the affairs of Georgia and its boundary dispute with Spanish Florida, submitted to Newcastle by Oglethorpe, and transmitted by Newcastle to Prime Minister Robert Walpole.] England, July 2, 1736.

Archive of James Oglethorpe documents addressing the Georgia-Florida boundary dispute, with much on the roles of Tomochichi and the Creeks

A remarkable gathering of letters and other documents, submitted in 1736 by James Oglethorpe to the Duke of Newcastle and addressing the festering boundary dispute between the Colony of Georgia and Spanish Florida. Copied in a secretarial hand for transmission to King George II, with a signed cover letter by Newcastle. In all, a rich […]

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Eman[uel] Bowen, Geographer to his Majesty, A NEW MAP of Georgia, with Part of CAROLINA, FLORIDA and LOUISIANA. Drawn from Original Draughts, assisted by the most approved Maps and Charts. [London: Thomas Woodward et al., 1748].

The first large-scale map of the Georgia Colony

An early, important English map of the Georgia colony, chartered in 1732, here depicted with its borders extending to the Mississippi River and presumably on to the Pacific, although actual physical settlement was then limited to a narrow band along the Atlantic coast. The original charters of the English colonies in North America established boundaries […]

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“Sylvanus Urban” [aka, Edward Cave], editor, The Gentleman’s Magazine for February, 1772. London: Printed for D. Henry, [March, 1772].

An ambitious 1772 plan for a British settlement on the Mississippi

The Gentleman’s Magazine for February 1772, complete with the original front wrap and the interesting folding map of West Florida to accompany the text “Proposal for a new Settlement on the Borders of the Missisippi in West Florida”. The map depicts most of the Province of West Florida, acquired by the British from Spain through […]

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