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Color printing. [Jacques-Fabien] Gautier [D’Agoty] / Gautier fils (engraver), CARTE ABR[E]GEE du CANADA levee sur les lieux par M.*** resident a Quebec année 1754. Paris: [Gautier], 1755.

18th-century cartographic color printing, by Gautier D’Agoty

A rare and fascinating thematic map of northeastern North America by a French artist, printer, anatomist and crackpot geologist, remarkable also as an early example of color printing. A former pupil of Jacob Christoph Le Blon, and a pioneer in color-printing, Jacques Fabien Gautier D’Agoty (1717-1785) improved on the methods of his teacher by developing […]

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[Samuel Engel] / M. Iaquier delin. / Gravé par I. A. Chovin, CARTE De la partie Septentrionale et Occidentale de l’Amérique dápres les relations les plus récentes dressés en 1764 par Mr. *** [Lausanne, 1765.]

A striking geographic interpretation of the trans-Mississippi West by Samuel Engel

A remarkable map of the American West by Samuel Engel, reflecting one man’s interpretation and synthesis of more than half a century of discoveries, wishful thinking and outright invention. This was one of two maps included in Engel’s Memoires et Observations Geographiques et Critiques sur la situation des Pays Septentrionaux de l’Asie et de l’Amerique, d’apres […]

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William Faden plan of the 1775-76 siege of Quebec

Superb William Faden plan of the 1775-76 Siege of Quebec

The finest contemporary plan of Montgomery and Arnold’s siege of Quebec during the opening year of the Revolution, published only four months after the lifting of the siege. In May 1775 a force under Ethan Allen and Benedict Arnold captured the British forts at Crown Point and Ticonderoga, from which were taken the cannon that […]

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Scarce and attractive plan of Louisbourg fortress

A scarce retrospective plan depicting the strategic fortress of Louisbourg on Cape Breton Island, site of one of the most significant British victories of the French and Indian War. After the 1713 Treaty of Utrecht left them in control of Cape Breton Island, the French began constructing a huge fortress at Louisbourg. The site provided […]

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Case map of Nova Scotia

This large and attractive case map depicts Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, and the eastern areas of New Brunswick. Hatchuring indicates areas of higher elevation, and symbols and a colored key are used to depict railroads, roads, telegraph stations, gold and coal mining areas, post offices and ports of entry. Throughout the map are notes […]

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