Early wine map of the Gironde

Coutaut, Agent Voyer / Gravé et împrime par Regnier et Dourdet, 8 Passage Ste. Marie (R. du Bac) Paris, CARTE ROUTIÈRE ET VINICOLE DU DÉPARTMENT DE LA GIRONDE DRESSEE PAR E. COUTAUT, AGENT VOYER Pour accompagner l’ouvrage intitule BORDEAUX ET SES VINS. Bordeaux: Feret et Fils, editeurs, 1873.
Lithograph printed in black and red, 37 3/8”h x 28 ¼”w plus good margins, added wash color. Segmented, lined with linen, with label of Auguste Logerot’s “Atellier du collage” in Paris. Color a touch faded, minor foxing throughout, and a few scattered stains. Original pocket folder perished.

An early and wonderfully detailed road and wine map of the Department of the Gironde, in the heart of the Bordeaux wine region and source of some of the world’s great reds.

The base map includes the boundaries of arrondisements and cantons, with cities and towns indicated by symbols indicating their political status, the network of roads and railroads shown in some detail, and the major wine-making regions delineated by wash color. Overprinted in red are the names of hundreds of vineyards, including famed names such as Chateaux Lafite, Margaux and Yquem. Each is accompanied by tiny red symbols (a triangle for reds, a circle for whites) indicating its status according to the Bordeaux Wine Classification of 1855. The Classification was developed by French wine brokers at the behest of Napoleon III, in time for the Paris Universal Exposition. With relatively minor modifications, the Classification remains in use today.

The map was published by Feret et Fils on behalf of Bordeaux travel agent E. Coutaut, as a complement to Charles Cocks’ Bordeaux et ses vins, classes par Ordre de Mérite, a detailed guide book rating the output of each of the region’s vineyards. The first edition of Cock’s work appeared in 1850, while between them OCLC and the Catalogue collectif de France note this wine map in editions of 1869, 1873 (as here), 1875, 1877, 1878, 1886, and 1892, each with just one or two institutional holdings.

OCLC 494934573, listing only the BNF holding for this 1873 edition.