The military-industrial complex at UC-Berkeley

Anonymous, UNIVERSITY OF CALIF., BERKELY DEFENSE CONTRACTS, [Berkeley, early 1971] .
Broadside, printed area 16"h x 12 ¾"w plus margins. Overprinted or stenciled in red and blue.

A remarkable, appalling and very rare piece of anti-war propaganda, calling attention to UC-Berkeley’s involvement in defense research during the Vietnam War.

The broadside features a map of the Berkeley campus, overprinted in color to indicate programs with contracts with the Department of Defense (blue) and the Atomic Energy Commission (red). A long chart at right identifies the offending programs and lists the dollar value of their contracts. The numbers are huge-an alleged $11 million on campus and more than $250 million at Los Alamos and other affiliated labs. Equally striking is the degree to which defense work seems to have permeated every corner of the campus: Even Zoology and Entomology were apparently in on the act, to the tune of $16,395 and $27,000 respectively.

The decidedly un-subtle message is emphasized by photographic images superimposed on the map, including military hardware, a soldier wearing a jetpack, horribly wounded children, and a mushroom cloud. Even without the added imagery the broadside is extremely effective, with the colored map conveying the impression that academic life at the campus has been placed in thrall to the military-industrial complex.

The broadside is neither signed nor dated, but an earlier owner has helpfully written in the date “Feb, 1971” at top right.

Not in OCLC. I have located but one example in an institutional collection (Oakland Museum of California).


Folds as issued, "Feb, 1971" handwritten in blue ink at upper right. Slight cockling from old water damage.