Splendid pictorial map of Washington, D.C.

Oliver Whitwell Wilson Architect, WASHINGTON DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA Our Nation's Capital. Arlington, VA: Lintner Maps, 1948/“Retouched 1949”.
Pictorial map printed in colors, 21 ¾”h x 30”w at neat line plus legend and margins. Small abrasion with loss just above vignette of the Capitol at lower left, some mended edge tears, upper and lower edges reinforced on verso, with some slight waviness from uneven drying of paper and mending tissue.

A most appealing 1949 pictorial map of Washington, D.C. rendered as a bird’s-eye view of the city as seen looking southwest across the Potomac River from an imaginary point high above Arlington, Virginia.

The view depicts Washington, Georgetown and surroundings, including Arlington and Rosslyn in the foreground, with the recently-built Pentagon prominently shown, and, in the background, Bethesda, Chevy Chase, and Silver Spring, Maryland. Important buildings, particularly those of the Federal Government but also “municipal buildings”, “national and international organizations”, “other scientific and arts institutions”, stores, hotels, restaurants and clubs, are rendered pictorially and either labeled or identified in the legends flanking the view.

The image is adorned by inspirational quotes from architect Daniel Burnham, the arms of the Washington Family (bearing the motto Exitus acta probat, or “the outcome justifies the deed”) and, at lower left, a cartouche of sorts featuring the Washington Monument, a portrait bust of Washington, and a view of the Capitol Building.

Mapmaker Oliver Whitwhell Wilson (1901-1978) was born in England and emigrated to the United States in 1919. He studied architecture at Columbia then worked for a time in New York City as an architect and architecture critic. During the Second World War he worked as a civilian architect for the Army Corps of Engineers, then after the War joined the Defense Intelligence Agency, where he worked until his retirement in 1971. I find no other published maps by him, though I find a few non-cartographic publications bearing his name as author or contributor. This appears to be the only map published by Lintner Maps, the brainchild of Henrietta Lintner of Arlington, Virginia.

A rather uncommon pictorial map whose profusion of imagery and vibrant coloring combine to make it a most attractive and displayable view of the nation’s capital.

OCLC #16087013 describes this “retouched” 1949 edition. For the 1948, see OCLC #16087007. Rumsey #13399.