Nuclear materials threaten the Bay Area

NUCLEAR THREATS TO THE BAY AREA. Point Reyes Station: Pelican Alliance for Safe Energy, 1981.
Lithograph in three colors, 20 ½”h x 15 ¾”w plus margins. A few minor scratches, tack holes in corners, and a mended tear from lower edge into image. BRM3187.

A rare 1981 persuasive map highlighting the pervasive presence of nuclear materials in civilian and military facilities around the San Francisco Bay Area.  It was published by the Pelican Alliance for Safe Energy, an anti-nuclear group based in Point Reyes and active from the late 1970s into the mid-1980s.

“If you live in the Bay Area, chances are you live in a nuclear neighborhood…. Everyday, we face the deadly prospect of radiation escaping from these centers of nuclear research and weaponry. But there is a way out: Responsible people are organizing now to create a Nuclear Free Zone in the San Francisco Bay Area.”

The poster certainly gets its point across—the number and variety of threats is sobering—though the color scheme of blue land and green water is odd and unsettling, perhaps intentionally so.

Not in OCLC or Rumsey, and the only other examples I find are at the Oakland Museum The “Finding Aid to the Mark Evanoff Papers” at The Bancroft Library mention a map of the same title, printed “circa 1977-1983.”