An activist’s guide to Nuclear Britain

Alan Lenton et al., Activities Planning Map [and on verso:] NUCLEAR BRITAIN. London: Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, May 1981.
2nd ed. Halftone in black and red on a 17”h x 24”w sheet, folding to 8 ½”h x 6”w. Excellent.

Rare brochure with persuasive maps of England, Scotland and Wales, highlighting the wide dispersal of nuclear weapons and other military facilities across Great Britain.

The brochure features a map of England and Wales on the one side and Scotland on the other. Each uses a variety of symbols to indicate the locations of nuclear weapons storage sites and weapons launchers, nuclear power stations and research labs, communications stations &c. The title “Activities Planning Map” strongly suggests that it was intended as both a polemical piece and as a tool for activists seeking sites to target.

Though this brochure is self-styled the “second edition,” I have found no examples of a first edition of Nuclear Britain.

As of October 2019 OCLC 84838797 and 500476704 together give 4 institutional holdings, 3 in the UK and one in the Netherlands. Library Hub Discover (formerly COPAC) lists 5 institutional holdings in the UK.