A most appealing brochure for the Lamport and Holt Line, the cover featuring a fantastic persuasive map

SOUTH AMERICA A Paradise for the Tourist A Land of Opportunity for the Manufacturer. New York: Lamport & Holt Line Busk and Daniels General Agents, [ca 1914].
Promotional pamphlet, 48pp with numerous in-text photographic illustrations and large folding map (21 ¾”h x 16”w) printed in colors. Small advertising handbill laid in. Agents’ ink stamp inside front wrap, dated 1914. Excellent.

A rare pamphlet promoting routes and tours to South America offered by the Liverpool-based Lamport and Holt Line.

The Lamport and Holt Line was founded in 1845 by William James Lamport (1815-74) and George Holt, junior (1824-96). It remained independent until its acquisition in 1911 by the Royal Mail Steam Pack Company and survived under various ownership, in one form or another, until 1880.

This lovely pamphlet promotes the Line’s routes from Europe and New York to various destinations in Latin Ameirca. It includes capsule descriptions of destination countries and their sights, and of specific intermodal (steamship and rail) tours available. The whole is heavily illustrated by appealing photographs of the available destinations. Tipped to the rear wrap is a large and attractive folding map of South America depicting Lamport & Holt routes from New York, London, Glasgow and Antwerp to Barbados, Trinidad, Bahia, Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires and other destinations. Connecting rail routes are also shown, concentrated in the region around Rio, northern Argentina, and the Chilean coast.

Arguably, though, the highlight is the fantastic full-color cover, which features a persuasive map of North and South America as lovely, gowned women, reaching across Central America to join hands. The image is reminiscent of and roughly contemporary to the famous “Kiss of the Oceans” map promoting the Panama Canal.

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