Gordon Michael-Scallion’s prophetic “Future Map of the United States”

Gordon-Michael Scallion, Gordon-Michael Scallion’s FUTURE MAP OF THE UNITED STATES 1998-2001. Westmoreland, NH: The Matrix Institute, copyrighted 1982, 1991, 1992, 1993, printed Dec. 1993.
Map printed in colors, printed area 21”h x 32 ¾”w plus margins. Some creasing and wrinkling, a few mends to short separations along folds and one very short edge tear. Good.

A fantastic 1993 map of a post-apocalyptic United States by futurist, spiritualist and self-styled prophet Gordon-Michael Scallion (1942-?)

The map is a “before and after” image, the base a relief map of the country with state boundaries and major cities shown in white, overprinted in dark blue to delineate the inundation of vast areas of the country. Surrounding the map are long blocks of text summarizing Scallion’s predictions for the next decade, with many references to the map itself.

Scallion predicts that the mayhem will begin in with a series of earthquakes and “fractures” in California between 1993 and 1997, with one “super-mega earthquake in the 10-15 magnitude range”. The Pacific will inundate much of California and the American West, and “the final Western seacoast will reach as far as Nebraska”. Knock-on effects will include the inundation of much of the East and Gulf Coasts, the Mississippi Valley and the Great Lakes region (On the plus side of the ledger, the lost continent of Atlantis will rise anew from the Atlantic, and “the phenomena surrounding the Bermuda Triangle will be solved when scientists discover ancient Atlantean machines—power domes, operated by solar forces, that are still active, even after almost 12,000 years.”

Scallion also makes bold predictions of the demographic, socio-cultural and psychological consequences of this chain of cataclysms, some more surprising than others. The United States will collapse and be replaced by a confederation of 13 “colonies”, which will among other things hold “special meetings at sacred sites” “to reaffirm the spiritual commitment of the Colonies and the sacredness of the Earth and its inhabitants”. 75% of the survivors will be children under the age of 15, concentrated in “relocation centers” in five unindunated states, where they will become “the parents of the next root race”.

The map is one of a sequence of similar maps of the country by Scallion. Per a note in the panel at far right of this map

“…the map is based on a series of visions that I experienced in 1979. I recorded these visions in the form of a map, and in 1982 distributed copies to about one hundred friends and acquaintances. Their reaction was one of fear, anger, and disbelief, since major Earth changes in the U.S. had not yet begun. I quietly put the map away.”

In 1991 or 1992 Scallion issued a new version of the map, apparently followed in 1993 by the version offered here. I have never seen an example of the 1982 map, which must be extremely rare, but the 1991/2 map and the 1993 map are similar in the essentials but differ in many details.

On the off chance things don’t work out as planned (hoped?), Scallion gives himself an out: “The areas of change presented in [this map] should not be taken as absolute. They are one person’s vision of what may be.” As things panned out, like so many prophets before him, Scallion was undeterred by the failure of the Tribulation to materialize: In 1996, for example, he published his Future Map of the World, with similarly dramatic predictions but on a global scale, set to occur beginning in 1998.

Gordon-Michael Scallion
Scallion (1942-?) is (or was) a futurist, spiritualist and self-styled “prophet” who for decades predicted a series of cataclysmic astronomical and seismic events would occur, fundamentally re-shaping life on Earth. By his own account his spiritual awakening began in 1979 when, while working as “a successful electronics consultant”, he suddenly lost the capacity for speech. Confined for a time to a hospital bed, he experienced a vision of a woman predicting the coming of a period of great tectonic and volcanic activity, increasing in intensity over time, with dramatic effects on the Earth. Scallion eventually recovered his voice, but also gained the ability to see colorful auras around people and objects. A decade later, further cataclysmic predictions came to him in a series of dreams spaced over 29 nights. (Sunfellow)

Scallion put his visions and dreams to work, establishing the Matrix Institute and moving in 1984 to Chesterfield, New Hampshire; publishing the Earth Changes Report; hitting the lecture circuit; and was even getting himself featured on TV shows such as Fox’s “Sightings” and “Encounters”. The earliest publication I find on OCLC is the Earth Changes Report, which first appeared in 1991, and Scallion’s heyday seems to have been the 1990s to the early 2000s. In 1996, for example, he followed up this map of the United States with a Future Map of the World, with OCLC recording a second edition 2006 (Though I suspect that date is a typo.) That is Scallion’s last recorded publication, the Matrix Institute web site is no longer active, and the final mention I find of him at Newspapers.com is in 2014.

A rare and spectacular example of imaginary cartography, embodying an unusual manifestation of apocalyptic optimism at the crackpot outer limits of New Age thought.

OCLC 1285603170 lists a map of the same title, but dated 1992, held by the Osher Map Library and Texas A&M (June 2023). Background from Jim Dobson, “The Shocking Doomsday Maps Of The World And The Billionaire Escape Plans”, Forbes.com, June 10, 2017 and David Sunfellow, “Gordon Michael Scallion – A Summary of His Most Important Predictions”, at world-mysteries.com (both accessed May 2022).