Gordon-Michael Scallion predicts The Great Tribulation, the Blue-Ray Children, and more

Gordon-Michael Scallion, Gordon-Michael Scallion’s FUTURE MAP OF THE WORLD. Chesterfield, NH: The Matrix Institute, 1996.
Map printed in full color, 46”h x 60”w at sheet edge, laminated as issued. Minor wear, soiling and staining along edges, very good overall.

A 1996 imaginary map of the Earth after “The Tribulation”, as predicted by futurist, spiritualist and self-styled prophet Gordon-Michael Scallion (1942-?)

This mammoth world map summarizes Scallion’s predictions and depicts their impact cartographically. The anticipated mayhem is predicted to begin with three “shifts” in the magnetic poles, each of six to eight degrees, expected to take place in 1998-2001. These shifts will in turn induce violent seismic activity and alter weather patterns, leading to melting of the ice caps. The net result will be the destruction and/or inundation of huge areas of the Earth’s surface, beginning with the “breaking up of California and the sinking of Japan”, to be followed by “a kind of domino effect” to be played out through the year 2012.

The map reveals the anticipated impact of the Tribulation. Europe and European Russia are almost totally inundated, as is much of China, along with the coastlines and significant interior portions of the other continents (The states of the American West Coast are for example a near-total loss, as are Nevada, Utah, western portions of Colorado and Arizona, and the Mississippi Valley.) On the other hand, the lost continents of Atlantis and Lemuria are shown rising anew in the Atlantic and Pacific respectively, and vast new landmasses emerge around New Zealand and south of the Falkland and South Georgia Islands. In each case Scallion depicts the predicted landforms in topographic relief, helpfully superimposing them on an outline map of the world as it was in 1996.

Scallion further predicts that all this mayhem will have unfortunate health effects, including “new plagues” and “pronounced mood swings”[!] On the plus side, perhaps, the magnetic shifts will bring the Moon’s orbit nearer to Earth, resulting in a “move toward a more lunar society with more feminine than masculine overtones”, where both genders will “experience increases in intuitive capabilities.”

To top it all off, “a new sun will appear in the heavens” and make the Earth “a binary sun system”. The blue light of the new sun will alter “the prismatic color spectrum” “and people on the Earth at the time—all five races—will look slightly blue in color.” Scallion doesn’t say so, but presumably he anticipates that this new uniformity will usher in an epoch of racial harmony.  What he does say is that when the “Blue Ray children grow to maturity” they “will be able to psychically read the holographic thought-form images contained in the sculptures that will be found in Lemuria’s City of Gold.

This was in fact Scallion’s second attempt at predictive cartography: In 1992 he had published his Future Map of the United States, which projected that The Tribulation would go down in 1993-95. Like so many prophets before him, Scallion was undeterred by the failure of his predictions to materialize; in true entrepreneurial fashion, he dusted himself off, pushed back the dates by a few years, and produced this Future Map of the World.

Gordon-Michael Scallion
Scallion (1942-?) is (or was) a futurist, spiritualist and self-styled “prophet” who for decades predicted a series of cataclysmic astronomical and seismic events would occur, fundamentally re-shaping life on Earth. By his own account his spiritual awakening began in 1979 when, while working as “a successful electronics consultant”, he suddenly lost the capacity for speech. Confined for a time to a hospital bed, he experienced a vision of a woman predicting the coming of a period of great tectonic and volcanic activity, increasing in intensity over time, with cataclysmic effects. Scallion eventually recovered his voice, but also gained the ability to see colorful auras around people and objects. A decade later, further dramatic predictions came to him in a series of dreams spaced over 29 nights. (Sunfellow)

Scallion put his visions and dreams to work, establishing the Matrix Institute and moving in 1984 to Chesterfield, New Hampshire; publishing the Earth Changes Report; hitting the lecture circuit; and was even getting himself featured on TV shows such as Fox’s “Sightings” and “Encounters”. The earliest publication I find on OCLC is the Earth Changes Report, which first appeared in 1991, and his heyday seems to have been the 1990s to the early 2000s. In 1992, for example, he issued a Future Map of the United States, 1998-2001, with a second edition appearing in 1996. The last publication recorded by OCLC is a 2006 edition of the Future Map of the World (Though I wonder if the date is a typo.) The Matrix Institute web site is no longer active, and the final mention I find of Scallion at Newspapers.com is in 2014.

A rare and spectacular example of imaginary cartography, embodying an unusual manifestation of pseudoscience-enabled apocalyptic optimism at the crackpot outer limits of New Age thought.

As of April 2023 OCLC 44408476 et al give a total of 12 institutional holdings, with an additional listings of a 2006 edition, though I am skeptical of this dating. Background from Jim Dobson, “The Shocking Doomsday Maps Of The World And The Billionaire Escape Plans”, Forbes.com, June 10, 2017 and David Sunfellow, “Gordon Michael Scallion – A Summary of His Most Important Predictions”, at world-mysteries.com (both accessed May 2022).