A scarce and unusual chart of world history by artist Genevieve Foster

Genevieve Foster, A TIME CHART [:] from the first date on the calendar of Egypt to the birth of the United States of America. Chicago: Denoyer-Geppert Company, 1953.

A rare and visually striking chronological chart of world history, attempting to show the parallel development of, and interactions between, the great empires of Europe, Africa and Western and Central Asia. Like many such efforts, it presents the United States as the culmination and high point of “the story of freedom,” while giving short shrift to the peoples of East Asia and the Americas.

Artist Genevieve Stump Foster (1937-1978) began her career as a commercial artist and later turned to writing young-adult history. Her papers, including at least two examples of her Time Chart, are held by the University of Oregon.

OCLC 836776171 (University of Illinois only, as of March 2020). “Genevieve Foster papers, 1937-1978″ on the Archives West web site, accessed March 2020.