Exceptional map of Georgia and South Carolina, prepared for the Union Army

Drawn by A[dolph] Lindenkohl / U.S. Coast Survey A.D. Bache Supdt. (publisher) / Charles G. Krebs Lith. , SOUTHERN GEORGIA and Part of SOUTH CAROLINA, Washington, DC, 1865 .
Two-stone lithograph with added hand color in outline, 26"h x 36"w plus margins

Rare large format Civil War map of Georgia and part of South Carolina, published by the United States Coast Survey.

An exceptionally detailed map, prepared for the Union Army during the last months of the Civil War. It was the finest available map of the region, and copies would have been rushed to officers both at headquarters and in the field. This example is particularly desirable, in that unlike most examples it was never dissected and mounted on linen.

At the outset of the Civil War it became apparent to the senior military staff that there was a lack of reliable maps available. The Coast Survey was the most sophisticated mapping agency in the Federal government, and many of its staff-including the brothers Adolph and Henry Lindenkohl–were tasked with compiling the best available information and creating up to date maps of the southeastern United States. By the standards of their time, the resulting maps were superbly detailed, providing commanders with essential data about the natural and human geography of the regions in which they were operating.

Lindenkohl’s map of Georgia and South Carolina is no exception. It is a careful compilation of the best available geographical and topographical information available at the time, both published and unpublished. Particular emphasis is placed particular emphasis on the road, rail and river networks essential to troop mobility, and red overprinting is used to highlight rail lines and state names and boundaries. As noted below the title, Lindenkohl incorporated the maps of the Coast Survey, Butts’ map of Georgia, the Mills Atlas of South Carolina, Walker & Johnston’s map of South Carolina, a “Map of Charleston & Savannah Rail Road,” a mysterious “Mail Routes and Ms. Map of Florida from General Land Office,” and Latourette’s map of Alabama. The result is the finest map of the region published to date.

Though OCLC lists in aggregate nearly 20 institutional holdings, the map is very rare on the market. No copies are listed in Antique Map Price Record, and there are no auction records for the map in the past 60 years. The last recorded offering of the map which we could locate was in a Goodspeed’s Catalogue in 1946.

OCLC #13700746 et al. Stephenson, Civil War Maps, #129.45


Some toning and soiling at edges, but excellent for its type