Beautifully illustrated notebook on the Divine Comedy of Dante Alighieri

[Small notebook of college-level notes on Dante’s Divine Comedy. No place, no date, but prob. American, early 20th century.]
Manuscript in ink in a tiny and very neat hand, 23 leaves with writing mostly on rectos but occasional on versos, plus four tipped-in illustrations in ink and watercolor. Small 8vo, bound in hardcover with cloth spine, leaves and boards punched and tied with red ribbon. Blank front leaf loose, some wear to edges of a few leaves, but very good.

A book of notes on the works of Dante Alighieri by an un-named student, highlighted by four delightful diagrams illustrating the Divine Comedy.

The notebook begin with a page on Dante’s Vita Nuova, a work of courtly love poetry, followed by two pages on Il Convito (aka, Il Convivio). This is followed by a four-page table of “the cantos of the Inferno in their relation to sin, its punishment and its effect,” followed by a similar one for the “Purgatorio.” The text concludes with a five-page “Summary of Purgatorio and Paradise.”

The highlights, however, are the four tipped-in illustrations at the back depicting the Inferno (“Section of the Hell”), Purgatory, Paradise (“The Rose of the Blessed”), and Dante’s cosmogony (“The Universe”) the latter three in ink and watercolor. I suspect all are derivative of early work, sometimes much earlier: The “Section of the Hell,” for example, is closely resembles a drawing by Sandro Botticelli for an illustrated manuscript of The Divine Comedy.

The overall format and level of sophistication suggest that these are the work of a college student attending a survey course on Dante. Indeed, a couple of pages bear dates in the upper-right corner (month and day only), supporting the hypothesis that these are lecture notes.

The notebook is unsigned and undated, but the inside of the front board bears a small label of “Gaylord Bros. / Makers / Syracuse, N. Y. / Pat. Jan 21, 1908”, suggesting it was used by an American student in the first or second decade of the 20th century.