A must-have for the coffee lover

Vidal / Litografia Colombia, Bogota, COFFEE MAP OF THE REPUBLIC OF COLOMBIA WORLD’S LARGEST PRODUCER OF MILD COFFEES. Bogota: National Federation of Coffee Growers of Colombia, 1933.
Map printed in colors on several sheets of coated linen joined, 28 ½”h x 25 1/8”w at neat line plus margins. Folds flattened, some areas of mild discoloration. Lined on verso with a bit of attendant “waviness” to the sheet.

A detailed thematic map of coffee cultivation in Colombia, issued in 1933 by the National Federation of Coffee Growers. 

The map uses red dots to indicate the “coffee districts,” concentrated primarily in the Andean highlands. Flanking it to the right are tables listing distances from growing districts to oceanic ports, steamship companies engaged in the coffee shipping, a 1932 “census” quantifying coffee cultivation by district, and a table of picking seasons, also by district. In aggregate, this sector had more than half a billion trees under cultivation producing nearly 3.5 million 60-kilo bags per annum. 

Another edition of the map appeared in 1939.

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