Map of the Playa at Burning Man 2008

Lisa Hoffman, American Dream [:] Black Rock City, NV [:] August 25-September 1, 2008. Burning Man Project: NP, 2008.
Two-sided brochure printed in two colors, 22”h x 17”w folding to 11”h x 4 ¼”w. Small brown stain on one side and hint of wear along folds. Very good.

A rare brochure distributed to participants in Burning Man 2008, the theme of which was “American Dream.” One side of the brochure features a pictorial map of the Playa, with the design conceit of a picnic table—that most American of spaces!–covered with ants. The reverse is a bare-bones guide to Burning Man logistics and a detailed directory of Playa locations.

“In reaction to the overcrowding experienced in 2007, and anticipating that upwards of 50,000 people would be gathering in the Black Rock Desert for the 2008 event (it topped out at 49,599), the Burning Man Planning Department expanded the geographical layout of Black Rock City to accommodate this growth, giving everybody a little more breathing room, and lowering the risk of accidents in an inner playa alive with vehicles, bicycles and pedestrians.


“The “American Dream” art theme for 2008 generated as much inspired creation as it did controversy. As an expression of this thought-provoking theme, The Man stood atop the tallest structure yet, a 60′-tall obelisk bedecked with the flags of all nations (except, notably, the flag of the United States). Participants were able to ascend this obelisk via an interior spiral staircase and pause on their way up at any of three viewing decks, commanding stunning views of Black Rock City.” (

The brochure was designed by Lisa Hoffman, a San Francisco-based designer who designed the Burning Man “greeter maps” from 2001-2015. All 15 of her designs may be viewed here.

Not surprisingly, Burning Man ephemera seems to have a low survival rate and is uncommon on the market.

Not in OCLC as of October 2019.