Dramatic map of the Berlin Blockade

Printed by Fosh & Cross, Ltd., Map Review [:] No.67 PUBLISHED NOVEMBER 20th, 1948 [:] Berlin. London: Bureau of Current Affairs, Nov. 20, 1948.
Lithograph printed in five colors, 28 ¾”h x 38 ½”w plus margins. Minor wear along old folds and tack holes in corners, but very good.

A rare and quite striking 1948 map of Germany during the Berlin Blockade issued by a left-leaning British agency.

The map features a large central map of Germany, clearly delineating the occupation zones held by Americans, British, French and Russians (Note that the border of the Russian zone are presciently depicted as a wall winding across Germany, though it would be more than a decade before the Berlin Wall was erected.) An inset map of Berlin at lower right depicts details of the Berlin Blockade, including the occupation zones, rail lines cut by the Russians, and the numbers of relief flights landing each day at Gatow and Tempelhof Airports.

One of the more interesting features of the map is its even-handed tone: Long text notes at left and write present conflicting Western and Soviet views on the ongoing occupation of West Berlin by the Americans, British and French. This may be due to the map’s publisher: it was issued by the Bureau of Current Affairs, which had begun life in 1941 as the Army Bureau of Current Affairs (ABCA). It was originally created for the purpose of providing education for and improving morale among members of the British military, but took on a broader mission after war’s end. It is generally considered to have been strongly left-leaning, so much so that it was a major factor in the Labor victory in the 1945 general election.

Not in COPAC or OCLC, and I find no record of the map having appeared on the antiquarian market.