Anti-Khruschev propaganda leaflet

NIKITA KHRUSCHEV SCAT! [New York:] Executive Committee of the All-Russian Monarchist Front U.S.A., [1960.]
Leaflet printed recto and verso, one side overprinted in red. 5 ½”h x 8 ½”w at sheet edge.

An amazing propaganda leaflet from Soviet premier Nikita Khruschev’s visit to the United States in 1960. It was during this trip that  he famously banged a shoe on his desk in the United Nations General Assembly.

The recto of this wonderful little leaflet features virulent anti-Khruschev, anti-Communist language, apparently sincere but of dubious literary merit. It begins rather oddly with “NIKITA KHRUSCHEV SCAT!,” as if he were an irritating squirrel raiding the backyard birdfeeder for the nth time. The tone quickly becomes more threatening.

“You, dirty red aggressor. Hands off the United States!


“You, BLOODSTAINED BUTCHER of the Russian People!


The text goes on in a similar vein, with references to the Congo and Lumumba, Castro, and Soviet purges of the 1930s, before closing with “You, GODLESS SCOUNDREL! SCAT! GO TO HELL! BEGONE YOU SATAN.” A propaganda map on the verso verso features an image of the globe centered on the Atlantic, with Khruschev reaching over to the Western Hemisphere from the USSR, an ICBM in his right hand knocking over the UN Headquarters and his bloodstained left hand reaching for Cuba. The map bears a partially-legible printed signature of “Harooiman,” or something to that effect.

The leaflet was produced by the All-Russian Monarchist Front, a right-wing organization of Russian emigres based in New York City:

“The Front was formed in 1958 to co-ordinate the work of monarchist organizations of Russian emigres in the United States, Australia, Europe and Latin America. Policies. The Front is fervently anti-communist Russia. and seeks the restoration of imperial [missing word or phrase.] Publications. Nasha Sttana, weekly; Znamia Rossiya, monthly; various journals and pamphlets.” (Ciaran O’Maolain, The Radical Right: A World Directory)

A Google search for “Khruschev Scat” yielded only one meaningful hit, but it was golden. Apparently, during his September 1960 visit to the United States to attend the U.N. General Assembly, Khruschev took some down time at a Long Island Estate. The All-Russian Monarchist Front got wind of his presence and staged a protest:

“A few yards away from the iron-barred gate to the estate a group calling itself Executive Committee of the All-Russian Monarchist Front U.S.A. distributed handbills with a drawing showing a bloody handed Khrushchev pushing a missile through the U.N. building and reaching for Cuba, South America and Africa. “Nikita Khrushchev scat! You, dirty Red aggressor. Hands off the United States! Go to hell!” read part of the inscription on the leaflets handed out by the emigre group.” (Florence [Carolina] Morning News, Sunday, October 2, 1960, p. 23)

I find no institutional holdings of the leaflet and no record of it in the trade, though an image of another example (location unknown) may be viewed here. In all, a terrific, ephemeral and extraordinarily rare relic of the Cold War.

Not in OCLC.


Folds, some wrinkling and minor soiling… but try finding another one.