Almanac with an allegorical woodcut of the Federal Constitution

Printed and Sold by John W. Folson, WEATHERWISE'S TOWN AND COUNTRY ALMANACK, For the Year of our LORD, 1791. , No. 30, Union Street, Boston, [1790] .
12mo. [24pp], woodcut plan. String tied.

A scarce almanac featuring an allegorical woodcut celebrating the Federal Constitution. Note the trumpeting angel bearing a liberty cap in her left hand, the 13 columns in the portico, and the 13 stars in the arched ceiling. The Almanack would have been published in the Fall of 1791, just a few months after Rhode Island became the last of the original 13 states to ratify the 1787 Constitution.

The text features the usual monthly calendar; a list of courts sitting in New Hampshire, Vermont and Connecticut; agricultural advice and weather “prognostications;” and a table of distances from Boston “to the principal towns on the Continent.” The final page lists books offered for sale by publisher John Folsom.

Drake, Almanacs, #3463; Evans #23049.


Minor staining, chipping and dog-earing, but very good for such an ephemeral item