1982 David Horsey map of The World According to Ronald Reagan

[David] Horsey, THE WORLD ACCORDING TO RONALD REAGAN. Seattle: Seattle Post Intelligencer, 1982.
Lithograph printed in brown on buff stock, 22”h x 34”w at neat line plus margins. Slight skinning at corners, presumably from old tape, else excellent.

An entertaining 1982 persuasive map by David Horsey offering a liberal caricature of Ronald Reagan’s Cold Warrior world view.

The map uses a pictorial style to depict the United States and Soviet Union wildly out of scale with the rest of the world. Reagan in full gunfighter regalia stands astride a hypertrophied California, while Leonid Brezhnev, teeth bared and wearing a bearskin coat, stands at the ready behind a fence of missiles. The two men gaze warily at one another, twitchy hands hovering above their holsters, which hold ICBMS rather than six-shooters.

The rest of the map offers an amusing, albeit ungenerous take on the world as seen through the eyes of Ronald Reagan. There’s black-and-white thinking, with the USSR labeled “godless communists, liars and spies;” American-centrism, with Saudi Arabia labeled “our oil” and the Panama Canal as “our canal;” and cheap stereotypes such as “Japan Corporation,” “Mariachi Land” (Mexico), and “Banana Land” (South America). Even America’s allies come off poorly: Canada is “Acidrainia” and “Unexplored Wasteland,” Western Europe is home to “Socialists and Pacifists,” and Australia is labeled simply “Kangaroos.”

This map was drawn by David Horsey (1951-), at the time a Pulitzer-winning cartoonist for the Seattle Post Intelligencer and then, until recently, the Los Angeles Times. In 1987 Horsey updated this map with another of the same title, primarily by replacing Brezhnev with Gorbachev and adding portraits of Margaret Thatcher, Daniel Ortega and Muammar Quaddafi.

OCLC 1089261463 and 1100790883 (Aug. 2019). Rumsey #11494. Not in Persuasive Cartography: The PJ Mode Collection.