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R. M. Chapin 1943 "Global Combat" map for Time Magazine

R. M. Chapin map of Allied offensives, drawn for Time Magazine

A striking 1943 poster depicting options for Allied offensives against the Axis, drawn by Robert M. Chapin for Time magazine. The poster features side-by-side maps of the European and Asia-Pacific Theatres on a stereographic projection, giving the viewer the sense of seeing the Earth from space. The theatres of war are, in a sense, carved […]

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Designed by Bureau of Naval Personnel Training Aids / U.S. Government Printing Office, Nav War Map No. 4 / THE NORTH PACIFIC AREA. Washington: Bureau of Naval Personnel, Navy Dept., 1944.

Striking U.S. Navy map of the North Pacific in WWII

A mammoth and colorful propaganda map of the North Pacific issued by the U.S. Navy near the end of World War II. This impressive, separately-published poster highlights events across the North Pacific, beginning with the Japanese strikes of late 1941 and early 1942. The attack on Pearl Harbor is highlighted, for example, by a depiction of […]

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Wall map of Slovenia made for the partisan High Command during the Second World War

Unique surviving wall map used by the Slovene Partisan High Command

Thought to be the only known surviving complete example of a wall map made exclusively for the use of the Slovene Partisan High Command during the Second World War. From the estate of the Partisan general and war hero Ivan Maček. The map depicts the numerous Partisan military divisions across Slovenia and the eastern part […]

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Prepared for CINCPAC-CINCPOA by 64th Engr. Top. Bn. USAFICPA / Installations overlay prepared by AC of S,G2 Fleet Marine Force, Pacific and Intelligence Section Amphibious Forces Pacific, IWO JIMA VOLCANO ISLANDS [:] SPECIAL AIR AND GUNNERY TARGET MAP. [Prob. Hawaii], mid-late November, 1944.

Detailed late-1944 map prepared for the bombardment of Iwo Jima

A rare “Secret” “Special Air and Gunnery Target Map” map of Iwo Jima prepared in anticipation of the February 19, 1945 U.S. invasion of the island. The map shows the landing zones on the southeastern and southwestern beaches of the island, and, most importantly, the Japanese defensive installations throughout the island in minute detail… at […]

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U.S. Government Printing Office, [Nav War Maps 1 through 6.] Washington, D.C.: Navy Department, 1944.

Striking Second World War “Nav War Map” of the Mediterranean

A mammoth and colorful “Nav War Map” of the Mediterranean issued by the U.S. Navy near the end of World War II. This impressive, separately-published propaganda map was produced in 1944 to highlight the strategic importance of the Mediterranean, which “offers many approaches to Fortress Europe.” It also emphasizes Allied successes there during the Second […]

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650th Engineer Topographic Battalion, HIROSHIMA [:] EMERGENCY EDITION AFPAC SHEET 4550-II. [Japan], September 1945.

The first printed map of the destruction of Hiroshima?

Unrecorded map of the damage from the atomic bombing of Hiroshima, produced by the U.S. Sixth Army in September 1945 and likely the first printed map to document the city’s devastation. In the late Spring of 1945 Hiroshima was chosen as the target for the first combat use of an atomic bomb. It was one […]

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R[obert] M[acfarlane] Chapin, Jr., THREE-WAY DOOM. [New York:] Time, Inc., April 2, 1945 [but a bit later.]

R. M. Chapin map of the bombing of Japan in 1945

A striking poster published in the waning months of the Second World War, showing what was left of the Japanese Empire being decimated by American bombers attacking from three directions. The map is a much-enlarged version of one printed in the April 2, issue of Time magazine. Mapmaker Robert M. Chapin (fl. 1937-1970), Chief Cartographer […]

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SITUATION 19 DEC 1944 [with similarly-titled sheets for December 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26 and 27-31, 1944]. [Belgium or France:] 664 Eng[inee]r Top[ographic] Corps, January, 1945.

Nine maps tracking the day-by-day progress of the Battle of Bastogne, printed in theatre within weeks of the battle… an amazing survival

An extremely rare set of plans depicting the day-by-day progress of the December 1944 Battle of Bastogne, remarkable for their fine-grained detail, mix of highly-technical and pictorial features, and compilation in theatre within weeks of the battle. The story of the siege is well known: Bastogne was a major crossroads in the Ardennes, its capture […]

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Collection of maps depicting the routes and experiences (both combat and non-combat) of U.S. Army units (and a few U.S. Navy vessels) during the Second World War. Most produced in the European Theater, but a few in the Pacific and most dated 1945, a few 1944 or 1946.

Extraordinary collection of Second World War unit route maps

A mammoth and unique collection of pictorial route maps commemorating the travels and experiences of individual American military units during the Second World War, most or all produced in-theatre by soldiers for their fellow soldiers. An inventory and scans of the full set of 121 maps can be provided on request. Units of all sizes […]

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Rare photomosaics of Hiroshima before and after the atomic bombing

Very rare, large-format “pre-” and “post-strike” photomosaics of Hiroshima, the latter compiled from photographs taken following the detonation of the “Little Boy” atomic bomb over the city.   In the late Spring of 1945 Hiroshima was chosen as the target for the first combat use of an atomic bomb. It was one of the few […]

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