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The Dangerfield Printing Co. Ltd., SUBJECT NATIONALITIES OF THE GERMAN ALLIANCE. London: Stanford’s Geographical Establishment, ca. 1917.

Subject Nationalities of the German Alliance

A First World War persuasive map offering a vivid representation of the complexities, even contradictions, involved in achieving President Wilson’s aim of “the reorganization of Europe, guaranteed by a stable settlement, based alike upon the principle of nationalities…” “In December 1916, President Woodrow Wilson of the United States, as the leader of the world’s most […]

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[ Kaiser Wilhelm ] A. Delaye, LE RÈVE DU FOU[:] THE MADMAN’S DREAM. Paris: Ch[arles?] Delaye, 1914.

Kaiser Wilhelm as a madman

A vivid and all-but unrecorded French pictorial map attacking Kaiser Wilhelm early in the First World War. Illustrator Delaye depicts the Kaiser in a pose reminiscent of Frankenstein, lurching toward western Europe with his hands outstretched, dripping blood, while his right boot reaches toward the French possessions in North Africa. A bright-red Germany serves as […]

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