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Walter Watson, C[ivil] E[ngineer] / Engraved and Printed by Struthers, Servoss & Co., New York, RAILWAY AND HIGHWAY MAP of the FAMOUS BERKSHIRE HILLS REGION… Pittsfield, MA: Berkshire Life Insurance Co., 1883.

Lovely tourist map of Berkshire County Massachusetts

A most appealing 1883 promotional map of the Famous Berkshire Hills of western Massachusetts, one of New England’s great destinations for its combination of natural beauty and cultural attractions. The map offers a very detailed view of Berkshire County, including its towns and their boundaries, topographical features, and roads and railroads, with symbols identifying school […]

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Sanborn Map Company / revisions by “Lennox”, HARVARD UNIVERSITY INCLUDING MISCELLANEOUS PROPERTY CAMBRIDGE, MASS. 1940[.] CORRECTED TO APR. 1943. [New York]: Sanborn Map Company, 1940/43.

Extraordinary Sanborn atlas of Harvard University

A marvelous and very rare fire insurance atlas of Harvard University, published in 1940 by the Sanborn Map Company and with pasted-on updates to 1943. This atlas consists of a key map and 13 single-page maps, each ca. 25” by 21” and executed at the colossal scale of 50 feet to the inch. In aggregate […]

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