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[ Kaiser Wilhelm ] A. Delaye, LE RÈVE DU FOU[:] THE MADMAN’S DREAM. Paris: Ch[arles?] Delaye, 1914.

Kaiser Wilhelm as a madman

A vivid and all-but unrecorded French pictorial map attacking Kaiser Wilhelm early in the First World War. Illustrator Delaye depicts the Kaiser in a pose reminiscent of Frankenstein, lurching toward western Europe with his hands outstretched, dripping blood, while his right boot reaches toward the French possessions in North Africa. A bright-red Germany serves as […]

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The Daily Liar War Map

Unrecorded Daily Liar War Map

A zany and extraordinarily rare satirical pictorial map of Europe during the First World War, issued by the publisher of the The Daily Liar. For all its horrors—or perhaps because of them—20th-century warfare has been a rich source of satire… think for example of Hogan’s Heroes, Catch-22, and M*A*S*H. One subgenre that took off in […]

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HERE ARE THE KAISER’S WAR PLANS / National Security League’s Warning to Thoughtful Americans.... HOW GERMANY WANTED THE WORLD TO LOOK / A Graphic Explanation of Why There Is a War. New York: National Security League, [1917.]

World War One propaganda map advocating American intervention

A dramatic World War One propaganda poster, published in the Fall of 1917 to prod the American public into entering the conflict. The poster features a large map with regions held or allegedly coveted by Germany colored a vivid red, suggesting a tide of blood washing over the world. Below the map 36 statements from German “leaders […]

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Edward McCandlish, BOOTLEGGER’s MAP of the United States[:] “Honi soit qui mal y pints!” Detroit: The Griswold Press, 1926.

The famous Bootlegger’s Map of the United States

A marvelously entertaining 1926 pictorial map satirizing Prohibition and celebrating illegal alcohol consumption and production. From the moment the Volstead Act took effect in January 1920, Prohibition in the United States was crippled by exceptions written into the law, the impossibility of enforcement in a nation with tens of millions of thirsty citizens, and thousand […]

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Henry J[efferson] (Heinie) Lawrence, Map Showing ISLE OF PLEASURE Scale TWO FINGERS TO THE DRINK [:] LIQUID MEASURE—8 DRINKS MAKE 1 PINT—2 PINTS MAKE ONE HAPPY. Houston, 1931.

Anti-Prohibition map of the Isle of Pleasure

An immensely witty imaginary map lampooning Prohibition, just a couple of years before its repeal in 1933. The map’s central feature is the skull-shaped Isle of Pleasure and its primary political unit, the “State of Inebriation.” The island and its surrounding waters are “replete with anti-prohibition satire, jokes, puns, alcoholic references & liquor names and […]

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E. Vidal / Litografia Colombia, Bogota, COFFEE MAP OF THE REPUBLIC OF COLOMBIA WORLD’S LARGEST PRODUCER OF MILD COFFEES. Bogota: National Federation of Coffee Growers of Colombia, 1933.

A must-have for the caffeine addict

A detailed thematic map of coffee cultivation in Colombia, issued in 1933 by the National Federation of Coffee Growers.  The map uses red dots to indicate the “coffee districts,” concentrated primarily in the Andean highlands. Flanking it to the right are tables listing distances from growing districts to oceanic ports, steamship companies engaged in the […]

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President Walter A. Carl / Draftsman D.W. Gurton, …BREWERY, AND BOTTLING HOUSE PREMISES OF THE BOSTON BEER COMPANY 225/49 & 230/44 W.2ND ST., SOUTH BOSTON, MASS. [with 8 architectural plans of the premises.] Boston, 1938.

Architectural plans for the original Boston Beer Company

A 1938 plat, floor plans and sections for the brewery and bottling complex of the Boston Beer Company in South Boston. At the time the Company was the oldest operating brewery in the United States. The plat and plans depict the Boston Beer Company premises sprawling across two South Boston blocks bounded by Bolton, D, […]

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Paul Paige, a map of CAPE COD. East Brewster, Mass.: Paul Paige, [ca. 1940?]

Vibrant pictorial map of Cape Cod

A delightful pictorial map of Cape Cod featuring bold design and vibrant color. It highlights the Cape’s fundamental virtues as a vacation destination, including “500 miles of shoreline[,] 300 miles of beaches[,] 1000 miles of highway[,] as many miles of byways[, and] 300 lakes.” The details identify towns and villages; sightseeing destinations; and, by means […]

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F. E. Cheeseman, ALBERT RICHARD FOOTBALL MAP. Milwaukee, WI: Albert Richard, 1941.

Albert Richard Football Map for 1939

An exuberant and decorative pictorial map by F. E. Cheeseman, recapping the 1939 football season, at a time when the college game was dominant. The central image is a map of the United States, upon which illustrator F. E. Cheeseman has overlaid hundreds of images including football players in action as well as the seals, […]

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