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Unrecorded plan for the company town of Mayodan North Carolina

An unrecorded plan for the textile mill town of Mayodan in Rockingham County, North Carolina, an early example of the migration of the textile industry from New England to lower-cost southern locales.  Mayodan was founded in the 1890s by Winston-Salem manufacturer, railroad magnate and banker Francis Henry Fries (1855-1931). After overseeing the construction of the […]

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R. Trumbull, Printer, “THE TANDEM PARTY”. New York: A. J. Herdler, 1897.

The Tandem Party … a rare and appealingly surreal party game

A nineteenth-century variant on “Pin the Tail on the Donkey”, named after the then-common pastime of the Tandem Party, a large group taking an excursion on tandem bicycles. The game “board” at top left features a young man pedaling a tandem bicycle with an empty seat in front of him. Printed across the rest of […]

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Jeu des Explorateurs game published by Charles Watilliaux in 1898

Rare geographic game by Charles Watilliaux

A very rare and educational geographic game by prolific publisher Charles Watilliaux inspired by Jules Verne’s Around the World in Eighty Days. With very high production values and remarkably complete and well preserved. The game consists of eight itineraries for voyages around the world, the first of which replicates that of Verne’s novel. All start […]

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Litografia Francesco Casanova e Figlio, Questione Ispano-Americana – ossia – Armistizio, Guerra, Pace – ovvero – Come finirà? Bologna, 1898.

Italian political satire on the looming Spanish-American War

A striking political cartoon from the Bolognese journal La Rana, probably issued in early 1898 as tensions between Spain and the United States were coming to a head. Spain, astride a bull and holding her “little king” in her left arm, charges at America, in the guise of a beautiful young woman wearing a liberty […]

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Thematic map promoting Louisiana agriculture

This large, informative and surprisingly scarce broadside was an official document published by the Louisiana State Board of Agriculture and Immigration. The Board provided both regulation and technical support to the state’s agricultural sector while promoting its advantages to the rest of the country. For the decade beginning in 1896 its Commissioner was Jordan Gray Lee […]

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Walker Lith. & Pub. Co., CHARLES RIVER.  Boston, [ca. 1900.]

Birds-eye view of the Charles River

An interesting bird’s-eye view of the Charles River and Boston’s western suburbs looking southwest from an imaginary point high over Waltham, encompassing much of Dedham, Natick, Needham, Newton, Waltham, Wellesley and other towns. Through it all winds the serpentine Charles River, passing landmarks such as the Waltham Watch Factory, Norumbega Park and the dam and […]

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The Frank Pavlicek Co., MAPA CESKO NARODNIHO HRBITOVA. Chicago, 1902.

Unrecorded plan of the Bohemian National Cemetery in Chicago

A very rare 1902 Czech-language plan of the Bohemian National Cemetery on the North Side of Chicago. The Cemetery, located at 5255 North Pulaski, was established to serve the Czech community in 1877.  Apparently this community was outraged when a Czech Catholic woman named Marie Silhanek was denied burial at several Catholic cemeteries in town because […]

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Geo[rge] H. Walker & Co., Birds-Eye View from Summit of Mt. Washington; White Mountains, New Hampshire. Boston: Passenger Department of Boston & Maine R.R., 1902.

Iconic bird’s eye view of Mount Washington

A spectacular promotional bird’s-eye view of Mount Washington and the White Mountains, issued by the Boston & Maine Railroad. By the early 20th century the Lakes and White Mountain regions of New Hampshire were major tourist destinations, with a well-developed network of hotels and resort towns and villages. With the proliferation of the automobile some […]

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Bruno / Imp. Paul Dupont, LIRE LA BASTILLE Journal Hebdomadaire Illustré ANTIMAÇONNIQUE [“Read La Bastille, the Illustrated Weekly Anti-Masonic Newspaper”]. Paris: [Paul] Copin-Albancelli, ND [but ca. 1906].

Octopus map reflecting French anti-Semitism at the turn of the 20th century

A spectacular albeit noxious French persuasive map using the octopus motif to promote anti-Semitism and anti-Freemasonry. As in other European nations, French anti-Semitism has a long history, most famously manifesting itself in the Dreyfus Affair of the 1890s and collaboration with Nazi deportation of Jews during the Second World War. In the public mind, Jews were […]

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Rare Theodore Roosevelt proclamation expanding Oklahoma’s Wichita Forest Reserve

An extremely rare circular printing a 1906 proclamation by President Roosevelt expanding the Wichita Forest Reserve in Oklahoma. Originally established in 1901 on just over 57,000 acres in southwestern Oklahoma, in 1905 Roosevelt designated the Reserve as the nation’s first big-game preserve. It became Wichita National Forest in 1907, when all Forest Reserves were reclassified […]

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