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[Manuscript cartoon satirizing Claude Grahame-White’s triumph at the 1910 Harvard Boston Aero Meet.] [Boston area, 1910.]

Claude Grahame-White triumphs at the 1910 Harvard Boston Aero Meet

A delightful hand-drawn cartoon celebrating Claude Grahame-White’s round-trip flight to Boston Light at the 1910 Harvard-Boston Aero Meet. Background The Harvard Boston Aero Meet, jointly organized by the Aero Club of New England and the Harvard Aeronautical Society, took place between September 3rd and 13th, 1910. Twenty-two aviators from around the world descended on Harvard […]

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Colossal and unrecorded wall map of Dallas, Texas

A colossal and unrecorded wall map of Dallas Texas, issued at a seminal moment in the development of the modern city. Dallas was one of the great American boom towns of the late 19th century, developing rapidly from a small frontier outpost into Texas’ most dynamic city. This map was issued in 1911, shortly after […]

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1912 United States of Guggenheimerica

Cartoon map taking aim at the Guggenheim mining empire

An unusual and mildly anti-Semitic cartographic cartoon from 1912 taking aim at the power of the Guggenheim Family and their purported corrupt dealings in Alaska. The cartoon depicts the United States in outline, towered over by eight of its industrial titans. East of the Mississippi are Morgan, Rockefeller and Carnegie, glaring across the river at […]

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John H. Renshawe / United States Geological Survey, PANORAMIC VIEW OF THE YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK, WYOMING-MONTANA-IDAHO. Washington, D.C.: Department of the Interior, [ca. 1913-1920.]

Panoramic View of Yellowstone National Park

A spectacular bird’s-eye view of Yellowstone National Park, prepared by John H. Renshawe (1852-1934) from topographic sheets of the United States Geological Survey. Established in 1872 on more than 2.2 million acres in Idaho, Montana and Wyoming, Yellowstone National Park was the first of its kind in the United States and is thought by many […]

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1913 George Ring Great Dayton Flood

The Great Dayton Flood of 1913

A striking and extremely rare 1913 chromolithographic view of the Great Dayton Flood during which water and fire laid waste to much of downtown Dayton, Ohio. The worst natural disaster in Ohio history, the Great Dayton Flood was caused by a series of heavy rainstorms in March 1913. After several days of rain, on March […]

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[ Kaiser Wilhelm ] A. Delaye, LE RÈVE DU FOU[:] THE MADMAN’S DREAM. Paris: Ch[arles?] Delaye, 1914.

Kaiser Wilhelm as a madman

A vivid and all-but unrecorded French pictorial map attacking Kaiser Wilhelm early in the First World War. Illustrator Delaye depicts the Kaiser in a pose reminiscent of Frankenstein, lurching toward western Europe with his hands outstretched, dripping blood, while his right boot reaches toward the French possessions in North Africa. A bright-red Germany serves as […]

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The Dangerfield Printing Co. Ltd., SUBJECT NATIONALITIES OF THE GERMAN ALLIANCE. London: Stanford’s Geographical Establishment, ca. 1917.

Subject Nationalities of the German Alliance

A First World War persuasive map offering a vivid representation of the complexities, even contradictions, involved in achieving President Wilson’s aim of “the reorganization of Europe, guaranteed by a stable settlement, based alike upon the principle of nationalities…” “In December 1916, President Woodrow Wilson of the United States, as the leader of the world’s most […]

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VOTES FOR WOMEN A SUCCESS [:] NORTH AMERICA PROVES IT. New York: New York State Woman Suffrage Party, Sept., 1917.

Votes for Women a Success

A clever handbill arguing for the expansion of voting rights for women in the United States, using a clever persuasive map to highlight the expansion of suffrage across the states. By 1900 only four states (beginning with Wyoming in 1869) had granted women the vote, and the suffrage effort was flagging. But a new generation […]

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