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[ Containment Policy ] Draper Hill, [Two versions of an untitled Vietnam War-era political cartoon featuring Lyndon Johson, Dean Rusk and Robert McNamara.] Probably Worcester, Mass., ca. 1865-68.

Draper Hill cartoon lampooning America’s Containment policy in the Cold War

A rare political cartoon by Draper Hill satirizing the United States’ Cold War-era Containment Policy, which sought to limit the expansion of Soviet communism but ended up precipitating the catastrophe of the Vietnam War. Present here in both working manuscript and printed form, enabling one to see changes from conception to the final copy. The […]

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Robert G. Ridgway, THE RECORD: THE FOLLOWING IS A LIST OF COUNTRIES THAT HAVE GONE COMMUNIST IN THE PAST 24 YEARS. Minneapolis: Citizens for Goldwater-Miller, [Summer-Fall] 1964.

1964 Barry Goldwater campaign handbill attacking the Democrats as soft on Communism

An unrecorded 1964 handbill issued by the Barry Goldwater presidential campaign, using a persuasive map to reinforce its argument that Democrats are soft on Communism. The election of 1964 pitted incumbent Democrat Lyndon Johnson against Republican Barry Goldwater, who ran on a deeply conservative small-government, low-tax, anti-Communism platform. Johnson, by contrast, leaned heavily on the […]

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Spectacular poster for a Japanese film on the War in the Pacific

A monumental and extremely rare poster for a Japanese film celebrating the War in the Pacific. This mammoth poster and map of East Asia and the Pacific was issued to promote the Italian release of the 1958 Japanese film Battaglia del Pacifico.   Produced by the Shin Toho Company and directed by Toshio Shimura, the film was […]

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[Artist’s name illegible], Bless Iceland. [Keflavik, Iceland?], May 4, 1958.

Unrecorded pictorial map of Iceland for presentation to alumnae of an American military unit serving there

A delightful—and unrecorded—pictorial map commemorating an American officer’s stint in Iceland from 1959-60. The map adorns a large printed certificate, designed to be completed in the name of individual servicemen and presented to them upon their departure from Iceland. It depicts a cartoon-ish version of the country, featuring little but geysers, fish racks and volcanos, […]

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Bruce C. Heezen and Marie Tharp, PHYSIOGRAPHIC DIAGRAM ATLANTIC OCEAN SHEET 1. [New York]: Lamont Geological Observatory (Columbia University), 1957. In “C. H. Elmendorf and Bruce C. Heezen, “Oceanographic Information for Engineering Submarine Cable Systems”, The Bell System Technical Journal, vol. XXXVI no. 5 (Sept. 1957), pp. 1047-1093. The whole bound in to the 1957 volume of the Journal.

Marie Tharp’s revolutionary physiographic map of the North Atlantic

A revolutionary 1957 thematic map of the North Atlantic Basin by geologists Marie Tharp and Bruce Heezen, which contributed greatly to acceptance of the theory of plate tectonics and continental drift. The map depicts the North Atlantic Ocean and surrounding basin, including most of eastern North America, with landmasses in yellow and submerged regions in […]

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[ Red China ] Robert M. Chapin, Jr., RED CHINA. New York: TIME Inc., 1955

Striking TIME map of Red China by Robert M. Chapin

A striking map of Communist China by Robert M. Chapin, enlarged from a double-page spread in the April 18, 1955 issue of TIME. Chapin’s map uses an unusual projection, simulating an astronaut’s-eye view of China as seen from perhaps a few hundred miles over the Pacific. China is largely colored yellow—an implicit slur, perhaps?—with the […]

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Edward L[indsay] Bell, WORLD STAMP CHART[:] COUNTRIES AND COLONIES LOCATED. Cambridge, Mass.: Edward L. Bell, 1948.

A rare World Stamp Chart from 1948

A rare relic of a bygone era when stamp collecting was still a big deal. The chart features a central map of the world (ca. 8”h x 13”w), surrounded by a table listing “the locations of all countries & colonies that have or are issuing postage stamps.” Each listed location is keyed to the map […]

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[ Occupied Germany ] Printed by Karl W. Schilling (Heilbronn), BESATZUNGS-ZONEN MIT NEUEN POSTLEITGEBIETEN [:] MAP OF THE OCCUPATION AREAS [:] CARTE DES ZONES D'OCCUPATION [:] КАРТА ОККУПАЦИОННЫХ ЗОН. Frankfurt am Main: Atlanta Service, [1946].

Occupied Germany immediately after the Second World War

An important poster depicted occupied Germany at the end of the Second World War, with vibrant use of color belying the depressing subject matter. The map delineates allied occupation zones in Germany and Austria as they stood from 1945 until 1949, with the Russian zones pink, the American blue, the English yellow, and the French […]

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