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1826 Nathan Hale map of New England

A landmark 1826 map New England

A most important 1826 map of New England by Nathan Hale, being the first significant large-scale map of New England issued in the 19th century. As such, it is best viewed as the successor to Thomas Jefferys’ Map of the Most Inhabited Part of New England (1755), the great regional map of the 18th century. […]

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Rare broadside ad from the dawn of American rail travel

An early and very rare broadside advertisement promoting a Boston-Albany rail connection. The railroad craze came relatively early to Massachusetts. By the late 1820s a number of lines had been proposed, including the Boston & Worcester Railroad and a Western Railroad linking Worcester and Albany. Backers hoped the legislature would step in and fund the projects for the greater good. This […]

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The first railroad maps printed in the United States?

A compilation of seminal reports advocating and describing the earliest general-purpose rail lines in New England. Particularly interesting for the inclusion of a two-part map of the proposed line from Boston to Albany, which according to Modelski is the first rail map printed in the United States. Background Revolutions in transportation were probably greatest drivers […]

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Rare map of Essex County, Mass.

Printed maps of New England counties were uncommon prior to 1850, yet Essex County, Mass. had the distinction of being depicted by two early maps issued in close succession. Offered here is the second map, published by Henry Wilder in or around 1832. It depicts town boundaries, roads and turnpikes, and topographical detail, and meeting houses […]

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H[eman] Stebbins / Pendleton’s Lithography, MAP OF WORCESTER SHIRE TOWN OF THE COUNTY OF WORCESTER. Worcester[?]: C[larendon] Harris, 1833.

Rare 1833 map of Worcester Massachusetts

A fine and rare map depicting the human and natural geography of Worcester, Massachusetts. First settled by the English in 1674 the area was twice abandoned during King Phillip’s and Queen Anne’s Wars before being permanently resettled in 1713, incorporated in 1722 and named seat of the newly-created Worcester County in 1731. Taking advantage of […]

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Major James D[uncan] Graham, U.S. Topographical Engineers, A Map of The Extremity of Cape Cod Including the Townships of Provincetown, Truro with A Chart of Their Sea Coast and of Cape Cod Harbour, State of Massachusetts. Washington, D.C., 1836.

Mammoth 1836 map of Provincetown and Outer Cape Cod

A remarkably detailed chart of the waters around Truro and Provincetown on the outer reaches of Cape Cod, by one of America’s great topographical engineers of the 19th century. This mammoth chart is based on extensive surveys conducted by the Topographical Engineers in 1833-35, “to aid in the projection of the works for the military […]

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Fitz-Henry Lane’s lovely view of 19th-century Newburyport

Though known for his marine paintings in the luminist style, Fitz Henry Lane began his artistic career as a lithographer, first as an apprentice at Pendelton’s in Boston and then in partnership with John Scott. Between 1835 and 1855 he drew and printed sheet advertisements, allegorical prints, sheet music covers, trade cards and at least […]

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H.F. Walling, Civil Engineer / A. Kollner’s Lithography, MAP of the Towns of GLOUCESTER AND ROCKPORT ESSEX CO. MASSACHUSETTS. [Boston?]: John Hanson, 1851.

Rare and attractive map of Rockport and Gloucester by H.F. Walling

An attractive, unusual and quite rare wall map of Rockport and Gloucester, Massachusetts by Henry Frances Walling. Prior to 1851 the only published map to depict Cape Ann in any detail was John Mason’s 1831 Map of Gloucester, Cape Ann. That map was itself a breakthrough, but it is far outstripped by the map offered […]

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A rare map of Somerville, Mass.

A rare map of an important Massachusetts city. A richly- detailed map of Somerville, Mass., depicting its boundaries, street plan, and the locations of both major structures and private dwellings. Parts of the surrounding towns of Cambridge, Charlestown, Malden and Medford are also shown, albeit in more schematic form. Several businesses are named on the […]

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