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[ Beaver Map ] Herman Moll, A New and Exact MAP of the DOMINIONS of the KING of GREAT BRITAIN on ye Continent of NORTH AMERICA. Containing NEWFOUNDLAND, NEW SCOTLAND, NEW ENGLAND, NEW YORK, NEW JERSEY, PENSILVANIA MARYLAND, VIRGINIA AND CAROLINA According to the Newest and most Exact Observations… London: Herman Moll, [1715.].

First state of Moll’s Beaver Map in spectacular early color

Herman Moll’s iconic Beaver Map, depicting Great Britain’s North American colonies after the Settlement of Utrecht. Offered here in the rare first state, with vibrant early color. The map is of great geopolitical significance, “… noted for being among the first and most important cartographic documents relating to the ongoing dispute between France and Great […]

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Cyprian Southack 1720 chart of Casco Bay Maine

A Casco Bay first, by Cyprian Southack

The earliest printed chart of Casco Bay, based on the surveys of Cyprian Southack, one of early New England’s most energetic and interesting figures. Cyprian Southack Southack was born in London in 1662 and emigrated to Boston in 1685. A man of enormous energy, he was active for decades as a privateer, naval captain, navigator, […]

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Missionary history of British America, with maps by Herman Moll

A rich account of Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts and its early missionary work in Britain’s American colonies, with interesting maps by Herman Moll. Founded in 1701, the Society “… was a Church of England missionary organization active in the British Atlantic world in the 18th and 19th centuries…. it […]

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A scarce, quirky and decorative map of the mid-Atlantic

A fascinating 18th-century map of the mid-Atlantic region. Engraved in Upsala, Sweden by Jonas Silfverling, it was typically issued as a folding plate in Eric Tobias Biorck’s Dissertatio Gradualis de Plantatione Ecclesiae Svecanae in America. According to Streeter the Dissertatio was “the first book written by a native American to be published in Sweden. Biorck […]

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An extraordinary map of the Island of Felicity

An extraordinarily rare, interesting and sumptuously decorated allegorical map of the Island of Felicity, produced for one of the first Masonic orders to admit women.  Background The map was designed and printed for l’Ordre de la Félicité. This short-lived Order was a quasi-Masonic secret society established in France in the early 1740s by Louis-Joseph Scipio La […]

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An intriguing manuscript by an important surveyor of Colonial New York

A most interesting manuscript map by John Rulse Bleecker, an influential Albany surveyor with connections to leading American and British mapmakers of the Colonial era. The map At 10 miles to the inch, Bleecker’s map focuses on the region straddling the Hudson River and bounded on the south by Claverack Creek and on the north […]

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Henry Scott illustrated trade card advertising pineapples and other products to be had through his Surrey nursery

Gardener Henry Scott pushes pineapples in Georgian England

A rare and lovely broadside trade card for British gardener Henry Scott, reflecting Georgian England’s craze for pineapples and other tropical fruits. A proof copy, edited in manuscript by Scott and with a note from him likely addressed to renowned fellow gardener Thomas Knowlton. Henry Scott was gardener for Richard Boyle, the 3rd Earl of […]

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1755 Thomas Johnston A PLAN of Kennebec & Sagadahok Rivers, with the adjacent Coasts : taken from Actual Surveys

A Colonial Maine rarity: 1755 plan of the Kennebec region, after Thomas Johnston

An exceedingly rare, separately-issued map of the Kennebec River region of Maine from the early months of the French and Indian War, illustrating the multi-tiered contest for control between the British and French, between the British and the indigenous tribes, and between competing land interests. Offered in partnership with High Ridge Books. The map shows a […]

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Color printing. [Jacques-Fabien] Gautier [D’Agoty] / Gautier fils (engraver), CARTE ABR[E]GEE du CANADA levee sur les lieux par M.*** resident a Quebec année 1754. Paris: [Gautier], 1755.

18th-century cartographic color printing, by Gautier D’Agoty

A rare and fascinating thematic map of northeastern North America by a French artist, printer, anatomist and crackpot geologist, remarkable also as an early example of color printing. A former pupil of Jacob Christoph Le Blon, and a pioneer in color-printing, Jacques Fabien Gautier D’Agoty (1717-1785) improved on the methods of his teacher by developing […]

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