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Extremely rare chart of Transatlantic submarine cables owned by the Commercial Cable Company

An extremely rare navigation chart highlighting the locations of the Transatlantic telegraph cables operated by the Commercial Cable Company (aka Mackay-Bennett), published in 1886 for distribution to fishing vessels.  In the early 1880s Western Union, controlled by Jay Gould, was the dominant player in the Transatlantic telegraph business, a position it gained by leasing existing […]

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An extraordinary but mysterious Shaker image

A remarkable Shaker image from 1887, apparently designed as an educational tool to help arrest the decline of the Shaker community. The chart features a timeline of major Biblical figures and ancient empires; genealogical charts for the descendants of Adam and Eve, Noah, King David, Herod and others; charts listing the miracles and parables of […]

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Franklin Leavitt map of the White Mountains

A wonderful and scarce pictorial map by the renowned White Mountains cartographer, adventurer and poet Franklin Leavitt. By the mid-19th century the transmission of the Romantic ethos across the Atlantic, the rise of a middle class with disposable income, and the development of rail links with coastal cities transformed the White Mountains into a major […]

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Joseph H. Curtis, Landscape Engineer 85 Dev. St. Boston from surveys by J. G. Kelly / Heliotype Printing Co. Boston, Plan of Heights of BUENA VISTA near terminus of Mt. Desert Branch of M.C.R.R.Hancock, Maine, Dec. 1888.

Rare plan for a coastal development near Mount Desert Island

The Maine Central Railroad was chartered in 1881 and completed in mid-1884, running nearly 50 miles from Penobscot Switch to the Mount Desert Ferry in Hancock, Maine. This created the only all-rail connection between Mount Desert, Portland, Boston and beyond. “Since the opening of the Mount Desert Branch of the Maine Central Railroad a new […]

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Charles E. McChesney[?], MAP of CHEYENNE RIVER AGENCY. NP, Nov. 10th, 1889 [but 1890].

Detailed map of the Cheyenne River Agency

Established by the 1868 Treaty of Fort Laramie, the mammoth Great Sioux Reservation occupied all of what is now western South Dakota and a portion of Nebraska. After years of sporadic violence, precipitated in part by the discovery of gold in the Black Hills and including most famously the 1876 Battle of Little Big Horn, […]

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MAMMOTH Sunday-school map on muslin

An impressive composite map printed on muslin for use in American Sunday school education. This massive production is in fact a composite of three separately-published maps printed on muslin and joined at an early date. Designed for use in religious education rather than scholarship, they employ large type, bright colors, and a minimum of extraneous […]

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Designed by H. T. Whitman Civil Engineer / Surveys by Edm. Grover and G. L. Walker, PLAN OF A SECTION OF SEA SHORE LOTS AT MAKONIKEY HEIGHTS MARTHAS VINEYARD MASS. Property of Marthas Vineyard Co. Boston: Marthas Vineyard Co., [ca. 1891].

Development at Makonikey Heights on Marthas Vineyard

A rare, nicely executed plan designed to attract investment in an 1890s development in the Makonikey area of Marthas Vineyard, lying between Tisbury and Vineyard Haven on heights overlooking Vineyard Sound. The development at Makonikey was funded by a group of mainland businessmen with no particular connection to the island, among them E. H. Capen, […]

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Walter Vrooman, Map of New York City SHOWING CONCRETE SOCIALISM IN RED, AND PRIVATE ENTERPRISES IN WHITE, 1895. Baltimore: Patriotic Literature Publishing Co., 1895.

Walter Vrooman promotes Concrete Socialism

Walter Vrooman (1869-) was a socialist reformer best known as a leader of the Ruskin Hall Movement, which was committed to the ideal of providing low-cost higher education for the working class. After helping found the Ruskin Hall (known today as Ruskin College) in Oxford, England—a calculated “in your face” to the University–in 1900 Vrooman […]

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George Eldridge / G. W. Boynton, Sc., ELDRIDGE’S CHART OF CHESAPEAKE BAY, JAMES, YORK, RAPPAHANNOCK AND POTOMAC RIVERS. Compiled from the latest surveys by GEORGE ELDRIDGE, HYDROGRAPHER. Boston: S. Thaxter & Son, 1868/1895.

Monumental chart of Chesapeake Bay by George Eldridge

A mammoth George Eldridge chart depicting in detail the waters of Chesapeake Bay and its tributary rivers, most notably the James, York, Rappahannock, the Potomac (extending upstream to Washington, D.C.) and the Patuxent (to Baltimore). An inset at upper right, probably added for the 1888 edition, extends the coverage to Havre de Grace, Maryland. Thousands […]

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