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Lisa Hoffman, American Dream [:] Black Rock City, NV [:] August 25-September 1, 2008. Burning Man Project: NP, 2008.

Map of the Playa at Burning Man 2008

A rare brochure distributed to participants in Burning Man 2008, the theme of which was “American Dream.” One side of the brochure features a pictorial map of the Playa, with the design conceit of a picnic table—that most American of spaces!–covered with ants. The reverse is a bare-bones guide to Burning Man logistics and a […]

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Timothy Edward Downs, PC Computing[:] Road Map to the Internet. New York: Ziff-Davis, 1994.

Timothy Edward Downs maps the Internet in 1994

Possibly the first map of the Internet for popular consumption, designed by legendary technical artist Timothy Edward Downs as a bonus for purchasers of PC Computing magazine.  PC Computing and Timothy Edward Downs Back in the early nineties PC Magazine, PC World and PC Computing were in a three-way race for subscribers and newsstand sales. […]

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Beatles map [:] John Paul George Ringo. Liverpool: City of Liverpool Public Relations Office, [1974.]

Beatles Map of Liverpool!

An extremely rare poster-size Beatles Map highlighting The Fab Four’s many connections to Liverpool and promoting that city as a tourist destination. Rendered in the graphic style of the Beatles’ animated film Yellow Submarine, this pictorial map highlights areas of Liverpool where the Fab Four were born, lived, studied and performed. It also features Penny […]

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1973 Boston Oil Party poster with eagle

Vivid poster announcing the Boston Oil Party of Dec. 16, 1973

A wonderful and extremely rare Fall 1973 political poster exhorting viewers to attend the Boston Oil Party and “impeach big business too.” Issued just as the impeachment proceedings against President Nixon were accelerating. This poster is the rallying promotional for the December 16, 1973 protest known as the Boston Oil Party, which called for both Nixon’s […]

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Main Administration of Geodesy and Cartography, ПОЛИТИЧЕСКАЯ КАРТА МИРА / РАССТАНОВКА СИЛ НА МЕЖДУНАРОДНОЙ АРЕНЕ [“Political Map of the World [:] The Alignment of Forces in the Global Arena.”] Leningrad: Political Division of Naval Bases and Naval Academies, Jan. 1, 1970.

Warsaw Pact propaganda map emphasizing the imperialist threat

A fantastic propaganda map, issued at the height of the Cold War and using geopolitical statistics and other simple persuasive techniques to overstate the threat posed to the Warsaw Pact countries by “imperialist” forces. The map was produced by overprinting geopolitical statistics on a standard-issue Russian-language world map. A table at top center lists 14 […]

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Hal Shelton, Vail [:] COLORADO . . . SKI COUNTRY USA. Colorado Springs: Looart, ND [but ca. 1965.]

Map of Colorado’s Vail ski resort in its earliest years

An attractive 1960s bird’s-eye view of Vail ski resort, one of the America’s iconic Winter destinations. The main image is a bird’s eye view of the resort’s front bowls, trails and lifts, complemented by a view of the back bowls at lower right and a photograph of the base resort at lower left. It was […]

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[ Containment Policy ] Draper Hill, [Two versions of an untitled Vietnam War-era political cartoon featuring Lyndon Johson, Dean Rusk and Robert McNamara.] Probably Worcester, Mass., ca. 1865-68.

Draper Hill cartoon lampooning America’s Containment policy in the Cold War

A rare political cartoon by Draper Hill satirizing the United States’ Cold War-era Containment Policy, which sought to limit the expansion of Soviet communism but ended up precipitating the catastrophe of the Vietnam War. Present here in both working manuscript and printed form, enabling one to see changes from conception to the final copy. The […]

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Spectacular poster for a Japanese film on the War in the Pacific

A monumental and extremely rare poster for a Japanese film celebrating the War in the Pacific. Owned in partnership with Geographicus Antique Maps. This mammoth poster and map of East Asia and the Pacific was issued to promote the Italian release of the 1958 Japanese film Battaglia del Pacifico.   Produced by the Shin Toho Company and […]

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