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Timothy Edward Downs Map of Best Free Stuff on the Internet 1995

Map of “free stuff” on the Internet in 1995

One of the earliest maps of the Internet, providing a curated guide to the “best” free content available on line as of 1995. Designed by legendary technical artist Timothy Edward Downs as a bonus for purchasers of PC Computing magazine. PC Computing and Timothy Edward Downs Back in the early nineties PC Magazine, PC World […]

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1969 War Resisters League map of the American nuclear industrial complex

Thematic map of the American nuclear complex by the War Resisters League

A compelling persuasive map by the War Resisters League, highlighting the pervasiveness of the American nuclear complex, emphasizing the close link between civilian and military applications of nuclear energy, and calling for grassroots mobilization. The poster features a thematic map of the United States covered with symbols indicating nuclear facilities, the shape and color of […]

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Four nuclear deterrence propaganda posters

Nuclear deterrence and the B-1 bomber

Unrecorded set of posters extolling the necessity and benefits of America’s strategy of nuclear deterrence and the importance of the B-1 bomber thereto. Given the vast sums and many stakeholders, major military procurement programs are inherently controversial, and the B-1 nuclear-capable bomber was no exception. It was in fact cancelled by President Carter in 1977 […]

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1973 Boston Oil Party poster with eagle

Vivid poster announcing the Boston Oil Party of Dec. 16, 1973

A wonderful and extremely rare Fall 1973 political poster exhorting viewers to attend the Boston Oil Party and “impeach big business too.” Issued just as the impeachment proceedings against President Nixon were accelerating. This poster is the rallying promotional for the December 16, 1973 protest known as the Boston Oil Party, which called for both Nixon’s […]

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Dispensational Truth Message to the Seven Churches banner

Mammoth chronological banner based on Larkin’s “Dispensational Truth”

A mammoth and striking evangelical chronology, mapping the spiritual development of Christianity as predicted in Revelations to the historical development of the Christian Church. Based on the work of Dispensationalist minister Clarence Larkin, and with a crude power that renders it a remarkable piece of American folk and religious art. Clarence Larkin and Dispensationalism Dispensationalist […]

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[Mao on race riots in US] Mao Zedong, [Chinese title translates to:] Statement by comrade Mao Zedong, chairman of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, in support of the Afro-American struggle against violent repression. April 16, 1968.] Peking, 1968.

Mao Zedong puts his own spin on race riots in America

An unusual Chinese-language propaganda broadside and map issued in April 1968, in which Mao Zedong spins the race riots that erupted after the assassination of Martin Luther King as “a component part of the contemporary world revolution.”  This broadside features a statement by Mao Zedong printed in red Chinese characters at the top, arguing “that […]

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Sparta Graphics San Francisco

Psychedelic image of San Francisco by Sparta Graphics

An iconic 1967 San Francisco image by Dave Schiller and Jim Michaelson of Sparta Graphics, pioneers of the pscychedelic posters that adorned the Bay Area music scene in the 1960s. This exciting graphic poster shows San Francisco as if viewed from across the Golden Gate Bridge in Sausalito. The city is portrayed with its hilly terrain […]

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[ Containment Policy ] Draper Hill, [Two versions of an untitled Vietnam War-era political cartoon featuring Lyndon Johson, Dean Rusk and Robert McNamara.] Probably Worcester, Mass., ca. 1865-68.

Draper Hill cartoon lampooning America’s Containment policy in the Cold War

A rare political cartoon by Draper Hill satirizing the United States’ Cold War-era Containment Policy, which sought to limit the expansion of Soviet communism but ended up precipitating the catastrophe of the Vietnam War. Present here in both working manuscript and printed form, enabling one to see changes from conception to the final copy. The […]

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Spectacular poster for a Japanese film on the War in the Pacific

A monumental and extremely rare poster for a Japanese film celebrating the War in the Pacific. Owned in partnership with Geographicus Antique Maps. This mammoth poster and map of East Asia and the Pacific was issued to promote the Italian release of the 1958 Japanese film Battaglia del Pacifico.   Produced by the Shin Toho Company and […]

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10 War Department Newsmaps from 1945, focusing on the pivot to the Pacific Theatre

Ten War Dept. Newsmaps from 1945, focusing on the pivot to the Pacific

Ten striking propaganda Newsmaps published by the U.S. War Department during the Second World War, covering roughly the period between the surrenders of Nazi Germany and Japan. Unusual in being accompanied by their original War Department mailing envelope. This run of Newsmaps is not continuous, but all were issued between May 7 and August 13, […]

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