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[Abraham Ortelius / Frans Hogenberg (engraver)], AMERICAE SIVE NOVI ORBIS, NOVA DESCRIPTIO. [Antwerp: Abraham Ortelius, 1570].

The rare first edition, first state of Abraham Ortelius’s map of the Americas

The first state of the first edition of Abraham Ortelius’s influential map of the Americas, “both functional as well as decorative” (Burden). The map appeared in the very first edition of Ortelius’s 1570 Theatrum Orbis Terrarum, generally recognized as the first modern atlas—the first to feature maps of uniform size and style providing global coverage […]

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John Smith (mapmaker) / Simon Passaeus (engraver) / James Reeve (printer), NEW ENGLAND The most remarqueable parts thus named by the high and might Prince CHARLES, Prince of Great Britaine. London: [Michael Sparke and Samuel Cartwright, 1616/1635.]

“The foundation map of New England cartography” (Burden)

“The foundation map of New England cartography, the one that gave [it] its name and the first devoted to the region.” (Burden #187) Offered here in the ninth and most complete state of the map, issued from 1635 on and the first published map to name Boston and Salem. John Smith By turns a soldier, […]

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Theunis Jacobsz, Pascaerte van NIEV NEDERLANT. Virginies, Nieu Engelant en Nova Francia... Amsterdam, [ca. 1650].

Theunis Jacobsz’ landmark sea chart of the eastern seaboard

Rare first state of the earliest Dutch sea chart of the eastern seaboard of North America, preceded only by Sir Robert Dudley’s charts of the 1640s, and one of only two Dutch charts[1] of the region published during the period of Dutch control of New Netherland.  This rare chart depicts the Eastern seaboard from the […]

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Iusto Danckers [aka Justus Danckerts], NOVI BELGII NOVAEQUE ANGLIAE NEC NON PENNSYLVANIAE ET PARTIS VIRGINIAE TABULA multis in locis emendata. [Amsterdam]: Justo Danckers, [ca. 1690.]

Justus Danckerts’ map of the New Netherlands

Justus Danckerts’ take on the iconic 17th-century map of the New Netherlands, New England, Pennsylvania and parts of Maryland and Virginia. The so-called “Jansson-Visscher” series of maps began with Johannes Jansson’s 1651 Belgii Novi, which was published in Amsterdam and patriotically depicted a sprawling New Netherlands with a tiny New England confined east of the […]

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A New SURUEY of the Harbour of BOSTON in NEW ENGLAND. Done by Order of the Principall officers and Comissioners of his Ma.ties Navy and sold by George Grierson ... [Dublin]: George Grierson, [1730 or later].

A rare and important chart of Boston Harbor

A considerable rarity, the Dublin edition of the most detailed chart of Boston Harbor for its time, first engraved and published for inclusion in the English Pilot. Fourth Book, the most important English 18th-century pilot book of North America and the Caribbean. The chart was of considerable influence and longevity, as it was not fully […]

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