Announcing a new catalog: “The Art of Politics”

I am delighted to announce “The Art of Politics,” a new  catalog issued in collaboration with our friends at The Old Print Shop.  The catalog celebrates this election year by examining the political history of the United States as seen through printed images. We describe some 60 printed objects, give brief histories of the political figures involved, and attempt to explain their significance.

We begin in 1774 as tensions between the England were reaching a new height. We then proceed more or less chronologically through each Presidency and presidential election, culminating in the seminal Election of 1932, which brought Franklin Delano Roosevelt to power and ushered in The New Deal. Along the way we present dozens of prints, portraits, broadsides, and maps that bring life to these figures and the great issues that animated them and the country.

To view the catalog on line, please click here or on the image above.  To receive a copy by mail, please contact us by email or by phone at (413) 527-4020.