Announcing our 20th-anniversary catalog!

On the occasion of Boston Rare Maps’ 20th anniversary, I am pleased to announce the release of our new catalog,

Mapping the American Century.

The catalog is a celebration of American mapmaking from 1900 to 2000 and beyond. Here you will find E. Simms Campbell’s iconic “Night-Club Map of Harlem”, a 50-foot map of the shifting courses of the Mississippi River, a stunning collection of Second World War unit route maps, a continuous 16-year run of maps from the Burning Man festival, and a great deal more. Taken together, the variety of material is groundbreaking, and I hope it suggests the many opportunities for exploring through maps the story of “The American Century”.

You can view an interactive “flipbook” version of the catalog below.
Click on any image in an item listing to view it in higher resolution on our web site.

Click here if you prefer to download the catalog. Allow several seconds for the large file to load.