The Panama Canal, as seen from an airplane in 1925

Charles H. Owens, THE PANAMA CANAL as seen by Charles H. Owens of the Los Angeles Times Art Staff from a special Military Airplane. Cristobal C. Z. and New York City: Panama Railroad Company, 1925.
26 7/8”h x 41 5/8”w plus margins, uncolored.

A spectacular pictorial map of the recently-completed Panama Canal, based on sketches made by an airborne journalist.

The map depicts the Panama Canal Zone and adjacent regions of Panama from an oblique bird’s-eye angle, purportedly as viewed by a journalist from an airplane high above the Pacific coast. The Canal and its facilities are shown in some detail, with line shading delineating the mountainous terrain of the surrounding area. Numerous insets provide a history of the Canal, information about the operation of its locks, and images of both its many engineering marvels and local landmarks. A small inset map at upper right emphasizes the enormous distance saved by vessels using the Canal in transit between the East and West Coasts of the United States.

As was no doubt intended, the viewer is left in no doubt of the Canal’s status as a spectacular engineering achievement and its potential impact on oceangoing commerce.

Rumsey #7977.


A few faint spots and some mends along old folds. Lined on verso with some attendant “waviness” to paper.