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Title page of series of Erno Goldfinger urban design posters

Suite of Erno Goldfinger maps & posters for redesigning postwar London

A spectacular set of Erno Goldfinger designs for the rebuilding of the East End of London after the Second World War. This set of 20 posters was designed for a popular audience, to be displayed at traveling exhibitions. It lays out in simple terms an argument for planning on a “neighbourhood” model, which seeks to […]

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Wall map of Slovenia made for the partisan High Command during the Second World War

Unique surviving wall map used by the Slovene Partisan High Command

Thought to be the only known surviving complete example of a wall map made exclusively for the use of the Slovene Partisan High Command during the Second World War. From the estate of the Partisan general and war hero Ivan Maček. The map depicts the numerous Partisan military divisions across Slovenia and the eastern part […]

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Spectacular poster for a Japanese film on the War in the Pacific

A monumental and extremely rare poster for a Japanese film celebrating the War in the Pacific. Owned in partnership with Geographicus Antique Maps. This mammoth poster and map of East Asia and the Pacific was issued to promote the Italian release of the 1958 Japanese film Battaglia del Pacifico.   Produced by the Shin Toho Company and […]

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